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Community stations

TorDab reserves capacity for six community digital service providers (C-DSP), each of a bit rate of 48 kbps.


One of these slots is used by our partner South Devon Radio.


Five spaces are available for other C-DSP licence holders. If they are unused, the space remains vacant and may not be used by DSP licensees.


Commercial stations

The remaining capacity, amounting to 18 spaces if used at 48 kbps, may be used by any other licensed broadcaster: commercial, community or BBC. 


Reserved capacity policy for C-DSP services

Our five remaining reserved capacity slots are allocated as follows:

  • ‘Bid partners’ named in our original application to run the Torbay small-scale DAB network

  • First come, first served for other C-DSP services licensed for the Torbay multiplex

  • Next we will prioritise services by the date the first expression of interest was received by TorDab.

  • Existing provider. In the event that other C-DSP services wish to go on the network with no reserved capacity space available, existing stations will have first refusal to extend their contracts at the end of the current term, provided no proposed C-DSP ‘bid partner’ station wishes to take space at that time.

  • Diversity of service. We will prioritise stations that are independent of any other existing C-DSP provider and next, that offer programming distinct from other services on the network at the time.

  • Drawing of lots. If two or more applications are of equal merit, the directors of TorDab will draw lots to determine the successful applicant.

Reserved Capacity Policy

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